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North Texas Regional Airport at a glance:

• Non-congested airspace - Class D
• Serves the largest commercial aircraft
• 9,000' x 150' runway in use
• 8,000' x 150' runway in reserve
• Get-it-done management
• Business-friendly area leadership
• Low cost of doing business

We are prepared to respond immediately. Because North Texas Regional Airport operates under the county government, there is an ease of doing business and the ability to move on a project at the speed of business.


Airport Infrastructure

The airport is exceptionally well constructed.  A former Air Force base, the runways are stressed to heavy capacities and the utilities are robust.  Many hangars have been replaced or refurbished. Both cable and fiber optic services are available.  Recently completed above ground drainage improvements make North Texas Regional Airport a pleasant place to work even in inclement weather. Immediately adjacent to tarmac contingent properties are industrial sites, dormitories, golf course and other services.  There is a new terminal building expansion being planned.


Airport Improvements

Several capital improvement projects have recently been completed. They include upgrades in infrastructure, runway resurfacing and other measures supporting our vision of becoming the premier airport in North Texas.


Industry Incentives

Cash Grants
Incentive packages are based on the number, quality of jobs created and/or capital investment. Incentives usually take the form of cash grants to the company spread over a two to five year period, depending on the total amount of the grant. In the past, grants have ranged from $500 to $5,000 per job, depending on the type of job. A company which qualifies for a cash grant package employing 200 people at $5,000 per job would receive a total of $1 million in incentives payable over an agreed upon term.

Ad Valorem Tax Abatements
The County and College districts have a strong track record of tax abatement participation on new building and equipment. Local Governments can enter into agreements with businesses to abate local Ad Valorem taxes on real and personal property for up to ten years.

Freeport Exemption
All taxing entities offer a freeport inventory tax exemption which exempts certain personal property from property taxes. Freeport goods are defined as, "goods, wares, merchandise, other tangible property...are exempt from ad valorem taxation if: (1) the property is acquired in or imported into this State to be forwarded outside this State...(2) the property is detained in this State for assembling, storing, manufacturing, processing, or fabrication purposes...and (3) the property is transported outside this State not later than 175 days after the date the person acquired or imported the property in this State."

Foreign Trade Zone
Foreign Trade Zone #39 is located at the airport. Businesses engaged in international trade within this zone benefit from special customs procedures when importing and warehousing, manufacturing or assembling goods within the designated areas. Click here for more information on FTZ and to see if it can help your company be more competitive.

Industrial Revenue Bonds
Grayson County can issue tax-exempt bonds to finance land and depreciable property for manufacturing facilities. The maximum bond amount is ten million for tax-exempt issues.

Skills Development Fund
This state fund provides grants to community and technical colleges to finance customized job training for local businesses.

Industrial Property
NTRA has 325+ shovel ready acres ready for business development projects. Sites are available below market rates for qualified businesses.

Relocation Moving Expenses
NTRA may pay for a portion of moving costs incurred when a business relocates or expands. Funds are also available to established industries that move new equipment to their current location.